Provocative Therapy

Jul 22, 2014 | Therapy theory


I recently attended an NLP conference in Glastonbury; wellies and glow sticks a must. As such I was magnetically attracted to a seminar on provocative therapy; it says lots about me that the word PROVOKE leapt from the page.

Two amazing men amused and entertained me with this superb take on psychotherapy. They were using skills taught by Frank Farrelly; one of the founding fathers of NLP and who worked with Carl Rogers who coined person centred counselling.

Provocative therapy

Provocative therapy uses the client’s self-talk with the therapist playing devil’s advocate. The therapist sides with the client’s negativity and over exaggerating any issues. As such the therapy takes place in a boundaried setting with humour and care.

The client and the therapist actively choose to MOVE INTO a ‘bubble’ in which the provocative therapy will take place. Equally they move out of it afterwards. It seems to trigger changes very quickly and works really well when a client has been struggling with stuck issues for some time.

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