Recommended Books

Jul 22, 2014 | Books

The Time Traveller’s Wife

I have recently read a wonderful book called ‘The Time Traveller’s Wife’. It’s about a man who has a genetic disorder which makes him move backwards or forwards in time within his life.

It made me think about repeating patterns of behaviour and reactions which seem inappropriate in the here and now. Often we are drawing on the way we coped with things in the past in order to deal with a situation in the here and now.

At this moment we are time travelling and one of the tasks of therapy is to reveal these moments so that you can make different choices.

The Lovely Bones

Another sensational book I read earlier this year was ‘The Lovely Bones’ which affected me very deeply. Although it is a story about death it was very comforting and heart warming.

Body Bible

I have just bought a book called the ‘Body Bible’ which has lots of useful information about diet, health and well being. One of the best bits of the book are the beautiful but natural pictures of real women as they really look.

Three cheers for Suzi Godden for having the bottle to do that and manage to produce a really impressive book. My favourite bits so far are the sections on ageing and what to eat so the wrinkles diminish and how to get and stay fit on 15 minutes exercise a day.