“I came to Mind Change Therapy wanting to find a new way to tackle old problems. What I found when working with Cassie was that I could shed some of my issues and leave them behind. We looked at how to deal with some common scenarios – but from a different angle – and what I discovered was that just by making one change I was presented with a new, more positive outcome. It has been such a useful process to go through and I would recommend Cassie’s style of therapy to anyone. It really has helped me to make some important changes in my life.”

“Starting therapy felt daunting but Cassie was able to put me at ease really quickly and it felt natural, she ‘got me’ and that is a new experience. Our sessions are intellectually stimulating and challenging but in a good way, Cassie is bright and articulate and I have learnt so much working with her. I have learnt to challenge my avoidant behaviours and be part of life more. Therapy is special and unique, because of the work I have done with Cassie, I now feel like I deserve it.”

“I had to put some effort in to learning new ways of thinking but it was worth the time and money..I highly recommend it, life has felt so difficult for years.”

“Depression has dogged me for years but now I have learnt about my thought process, the gloom has started to lift.”

“I went to Cassie because even though everything in my life should have indicated towards happiness, I found that my formative years of my young twenties were crippling me with anxiety and depression. I chose Cassie out of a list of people because of her extensive education and qualifications, and I was never disappointed. Cassie has a wonderful way of explaining and identifying things, from using scientific analogies to pop culture references, Cassie explains everything in a way that is accessible for everybody and she relates to you as a human being on a personal level, which is something that I was worried I wouldn’t be able to experience while seeking help. Cassie helps me understand myself and I could not recommend her enough, or imagine my life without her services.”

“I was amazed by how quickly things started to feel better, I can really understand why I was feeling so anxious but now my thinking process has changed I am so much more optimistic”

“In 2005 I suddenly lost my Dad and a number of issues I had been pushing away came to the surface. Having already met Cassie I knew she was the therapist to help me work through them. It was a unique unconditional relationship because I could share anything with Cassie and not feel like I was being judged. I was sharing some very personal thoughts and feelings and so it was important to me that we had a strong connection and I always felt safe and respected. My journey through therapy  didn’t happen overnight but through the intelligent questions Cassie asked me I was able to see things differently and with more clarity and start to let go of the issues holding me back. Over the years I have periodically seen Cassie as new situations have arisen that I needed help with. I would highly recommend Cassie; her methods, approach and warm sunny disposition.”

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